Instruct ULTRA

WP3: Expanding Instruct membership and international outreach

Work package 3 supported Instruct-ERIC’s goal to increase the membership of the consortium within Europe and develop international links outside of Europe. A common approach for engaging with new potential member states was established through a combination of networking, formal meetings, and pilot access projects. This was supplemented with the creation of a Key Stage Process that outlined the main routes of entry for potential new members.

This work package also facilitated links between Instruct and the SESAME synchrotron in Jordan by providing support for training in sample preparation imaging technologies using models in use at Instruct Centres.



Within Latin America MoUs were signed with eight universities in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela. Establishing this partnership led to an open call where ten researchers from Latin America were awarded research visits to use European Structural Biology technologies through Instruct-ERIC, with funding for travel from the CYTED project. Instruct-ULTRA's outreach to Latin America culminated in a Structural Biology training course at the Rosario Institute in November 2020, where 32 participants took part in an online data processing workshop.


Deliverables, Milestones and Reports