CD comparability study

Dear all,

It was great to see you in London last week. As I mentioned on Friday, I would like your feedback before going into a full scale cross-network CD comparability study. I have prepared a short survey (link below) which covers the feedback for the current pilot study and also includes a participation form for the full scale project.

Let me know if there are any problems with the survey or if I missed something.

Thanks again to all the participants of the current study.


Best wishes,


Posted on 12-Jan-2015 17:56 CET
Nikola Chmel

There was an error with the survey that was preventing anyone from submitting the answers - it should be fixed now.

My apologies, if anyone has lost their answers.



Posted on 13-Jan-2015 14:13 CET
Nikola Chmel

Thanks for your efforts on this study.

You were correct in your comment on pathlength accuracy in London. On 1 mm pathlength the error is 1%.  I was recalling my experience when I built a continuous flow instrument using a 0.1 mm pathlength cell where the error is 5%. Since the cross section area was needed in calculating flow velocity, this was compounded to 10% !  A good reason to stick with 1 mm fixed cells in your studies.


Posted on 22-Jan-2015 16:19 CET
Christopher Johnson

Dear all,

Just a quick reminder, the participation fom is still open and we haven't received as many sign ups as could be hoped for a truly comprehensive study across the network.



Posted on 29-Apr-2015 11:02 CEST
Nikola Chmel

Hi, is your comparability study referring to Biosimilar Comparability Studies?

Posted on 13-Aug-2015 11:02 CEST
Caroline Green
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