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Instruct Workshop on cryoEM best practices

Date: 09-May-2017

Contact: Ray Owens


Instruct ULTRA

The “Instruct Workshop on cryoEM best practices” is the first of a series of Workshops focused on the rapidly growing field of cryoEM and aimed at supporting the cryoEM community by helping to establish best practices procedures across the entire cryoEM workflow. Workshops are open to facility managers, scientists in the field and database specialists, from both academia and industry (max. 30 participants), and this first one will concentrate on data management and analysis. The duration of the Workshop will be approximately one and a half days and the format will be highly participative, with some short “context setting” presentations of the different parts of the field, followed by round tables and ample time for discussion. A report of the outcomes and recommendations from the workshop will be published on the Instruct website.

The event will take place at the Research Complex at Harwell, Oxfordshire from 9-10 May 2017.


Peijun Zhang (eBIC, Diamond light Source, Harwell) at Instruct Centre Diamond light Source

Ludo Renault (NeCEN, Leiden University, Leiden) at Instruct Centre Netherlands

Bruno Klaholz (Integrated Structural Biology, IGBMC, Illkrich) at Instruct Centre France 1

Bridget Carragher (Simons Electron Microscopy Centre, New York Structural Biology Center)

Martyn Winn (CCP-EM, STFC Daresbury) at Instruct Centre for Computational Biology

Jose-Maria Carazo (CNB-CSIC, Madrid) at Instruct Centre for Image Processing

Juha Huiskonen (OPIC, Division of Structural Biology, NDM, University of Oxford) at Instruct Centre Oxford

Registration to the workshop is now open


Ray Owens , Jose-Maria Carazo, Susan Daenke


1. To share best practice across EM Centres in the delivery of EM services to both the academic and industry communities.

2. To identify common issues and solutions to specific areas of cryo-EM service provision with a focus on data processing.

3. To engage with instrument manufacturers in training and future developments.


Tuesday 9th May


13.45Welcome & Introduction

Session 1: Operational methods

14.00“New challenges in in situ cellular structural biology” Peijun Zhang (eBIC, Diamond light Source, Harwell).

14.30“The Netherlands Centre for Electron Nanoscopy – How things have changed over the last year Ludo Renault (NeCEN, Leiden University, Leiden).

15.00 "Getting high-resolution structures from a cryo-EM facility" Bruno Klaholz (Integrated Structural Biology, IGBMC, Illkrich).

15.30Coffee break

16.00Break out sessions

- sample quality assessment (rapporteur: Ludo Renault).

- microscope technology development (rapporteur: Alistair Siebert).

16.45Report back

17.30 “Lessons learned in managing a large user facility” Bridget Carragher (Simons Electron Microscopy Centre, New York Structural Biology Center)

18.30Drinks/buffet dinner

Wednesday 10th May

Session 2: Computational methods

9.00 “Taking your cryo-EM data and metadata through the structure solution pipeline”Martyn Winn (CCP-EM, STFC Daresbury).

9.30“Image processing and its impact in cryoEM results: Assuring reproducibility “ Jose-Maria Carazo (CNB-CSIC, Madrid).

10.00 "Streamlining cryo-EM data processing and method development with Scipion" Juha Huiskonen(OPIC, Division of Structural Biology, NDM, University of Oxford).

10.30- 11.00Coffee Break

11.00Breakout sessions

- software workflows (rapporteur: Jose-Maria Carazo)

- data management/storage (rapporteur : Martyn Winn)


12.30 Lunch

13.30 eBIC tour

14.30 End of meeting

Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded via this link

Research Complex at Harwell, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Instruct Workshop on cryoEM best practices