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MS1 Report

Report of the first facility staff training workshop completed 

22-Oct-2018 11:44 CEST
Instruct-ULTRA Logo

Instruct-ULTRA Logo

19-Oct-2018 13:26 CEST
Instruct-ULTRA Consortium Agreement
Instruct-Ultra_ consortium agreement.pdf

Consortium Agreement for Instruct-ULTRA 731005

16-Oct-2018 16:25 CEST
Instruct-ULTRA Technical Annex
Amendment - AMD-731005-11.pdf

Technical Annex for Instruct-ULTRA 731005

16-Oct-2018 16:10 CEST
Instruct-ULTRA Grant Agreement
Grant Agreement-731005-INSTRUCT-ULTRA.pdf

Grant Agreement for Instruct Ultra - 731005

16-Oct-2018 15:36 CEST
Template MoU Instruct-ERIC
Memorandum of Understanding template Instruct-ERIC.pdf

Template MoU Instruct-ERIC

03-Sep-2018 14:07 CEST
D3.3 Expanding Instruct Membership and international outreach

Process for establishing joint activities with new countries and formalising an agreement defining the shared programme

03-Sep-2018 14:06 CEST
Position paper on the operation of NMR services and RIs in general as a guide for Users
Deliverable Instruct-ULTRA_D6.3_final_v2.pdf
06-Aug-2018 17:18 CEST
Open call: Apply to exploit Magnetic Resonance spectroscopies for life science
MS15 - open call final-1.pdf
30-Jul-2018 15:10 CEST
Instruct-ULTRA Dissemination, Outreach and Exploitation Plan
Instruct-ULTRA D1.4 Dissemination Outreach and Exploitation Plan.pdf
30-Jul-2018 14:51 CEST